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By SQ9CNN - Posted on 14 April 2013

My adventure with PJ4 is over. I am just sitting at Flamingo Airport and waiting for the return KLM flight to Amsterdam and then to Warsaw. I want to thank Janusz SP9FIH and Kazik SP6AXW for organizing this dxpeditions and for last 7 days we spent together. They are not only great HAMs but also super companions. 

Thank you guys who were calling me in the pillups! It was great experiance. 

Thank you all CW operators who accepted my CW skills as they are. Being honest I started to use it just a few months ago. :)

I will do my best to be back on the air from some nice DXCC next year! 

Now it is time to work PJ4 from my home station located in Bedzin, Poland.

73's de SQ9CNN - Rafal

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