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QSL cards

We begin QSL card service. Cards are at our hands. Please a little patience as we cannot send all cards immediately.


In the meantime please vote in the poll on left side. It may help us to prepare for next trip.


PJ4 QSL cards

Farewell to Bonaire

We are ready to leave the island. All equipment is packed, tickets are booked, pictures are made and about 30 000 QSOs are logged. Thank you callers, policemen, tuners and fans for visiting PJ4 web site. We do hope it is not our last expedition.....

Special attention for JA

We know, that PJ4 is difficult for JA stations, so we'll try to work JA in proper time. If you hear us calling "only JA" please do not disturb.


My adventure with PJ4 is over. I am just sitting at Flamingo Airport and waiting for the return KLM flight to Amsterdam and then to Warsaw. I want to thank Janusz SP9FIH and Kazik SP6AXW for organizing this dxpeditions and for last 7 days we spent together. They are not only great HAMs but also super companions. 

Thank you guys who were calling me in the pillups! It was great experiance. 

High noise level

Sometimes we have local noise from bad electric instalation with level about 59+20dB. That makes difficult to copy most of amateur radio signals. We apologize for slow QSO rate..

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