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Hi OM's(PJ4/SP6AXW),

Thanks for putting Bonaire Island on the air and making a great Contact with My QRP station here in Mississippi. I will be llistening for other  bands as well as I am trying to get my QRP DXCC and other awards. God bless and many good wish (72) de WV1Q/ qrp Al 

Very glad to welcome you guys at PJ4. Hope you will have a nice stay with thousands of QSO's. Have FUN!

Hi Guy's,

Really need you guys at PJ4

Please turn your beams down to ZL and VK

Will be waiting !!


Eddie ZL1BKX

I hope we meet again in sp9pdf (or the pub nearby) before your journey... so I could wish you two good luck, and drink a cold beer once again. And Im looking forward for a pileup... i like'em fighting :) and im glad to see that FIH is on the road again. cu soon. - 73 and even 74!  - nancyjapan.

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